Vertical and the Organic

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"Vertical and the Organic

Keshav; born in the majestic land of Ranipur village, was another nobody when something hit him early on. 

What was that? 

Did it originate from the white soil of the village, the aural sun, or the smiling moon?   

Whatever it was, it had Keshav picking-up a purpose and a direction. 

But soon enough life hits him yet again. And even though, he decides to follow the course, he is led by two powerful forces. 

What are these forces leading him into the future?    

What do Diwakar, Hansini, Shalu, Shirmin and Shivli mean to Keshav and what impact do they have on his journey? 

Will Keshav be defeated by the very forces he looks up to as gradients to victory? 

 Or will he be able to reach his goal without them? 

Will all his efforts to win a heart, be fruitful? 

In time-he must make the most of the powers in his life. 

But…powers have forces, and forces have blows…and Keshav must bear his share. 

Can he insulate himself from his share of blows or take them head-on? 

Finally, it is time for Keshav to ride the crest and do all what it takes to reach his ambition- the force to be!

Do the two forces complement or oppose each other? 

Does Keshav believe that it’s only vertical, and not the organic force that alone can bring victory?  

What does Keshav conclude?


About Author

Kamlesh Choudhary is a big time dreamer. His biggest dream is mother earth back to nature. He wants to service the planet and help purify it on a grander scale through his books. he feels that earth is not to be usurped by mankind alone…for space, comfort, laughter and tears. It is a place equally for all its aboriginal flora and fauna. He believes that all our conduct should be in sync with habitat-for-humanity…wherein, humanity does not necessarily mean humans. Kamlesh, through this novel, wants to share his experience of special forces that act continuously on all of us, all the time, and their effects on one’s life and goals. Kamlesh has been an All India Radio Artist in hindustani Classical Music Instrumental. He has been an awardee of National Talent Search Scholarship award by P&HRD Ministry, Government of India in 1988 in Indian Classical Music-Instrumental. He has also been awarded the certificate of appreciation in First Asia Pacific English Presentation Contest, Fukuoka, Japan 1998.

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