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If you love to travel, we love to make it more fun for you! With books spanning countries and times, PustakMandi brings you words from experts telling you what not to miss when in a specific country. We also bring you knowledge of mouth-watering delicacies to current political issues from around the world. Let our books show you the world today. Happy Reading!
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd by: Samir Nazareth
For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson in Travels with a Donkey Few of us have the panache to put in our papers, free ourselves from our desks, and take off on a half-year-long trip along the coastal neck..
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Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Tamalyan Dallal
Simplistic perceptions of the Islamic world quickly dissolve in 40 Days and 1001 Nights as globetrotting American dancer, author and filmmaker Tamalyn Dallal takes you on an unforgettable journey.Without an agenda or expectations, Ms. Dallal sets out to live in five Islamic cultures for 40 days ea..
₹221 ₹295
Publisher: Penguin Random House by: Pico Iyer
After thirty-two years in Japan, Pico Iyer can use everything from anime to Oscar Wilde to show how his adopted home is both hauntingly familiar and the strangest place on earth. He draws on readings, reflections and conversations with Japanese friends to illuminate an unknown place for newcomers, a..
₹399 ₹499
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Roger Willemsen
Travels in an Awakening CountryAccompanying a friend on her return to Afghanistan after decades spent in exile, Roger Willemsen – an author, journalist and television presenter – sees the destruction wrought by 30 years of conflict. Offering an insight into the lives of ordinary Afghans – the cine..
₹224 ₹299
Publisher: Random House Publications by: Kemp, Ross
Ross Kemp's fascinating guide of the worst places in the world.Want to know where to discover the perfect sunset in Fiji? How about a tropical paradise in St Lucia, or one of the world’s beautiful natural wonders in the Alps?Well this is NOT the book for you.But if you want to know about meet..
₹524 ₹699
Publisher: Random House Publications by: Davies, Hunter
‘I am fascinated by people turning their daft dreams into a reality. How did they do it and why?’Driven by his own passion for collecting Hunter Davies has packed his note pad and set off in search of Britain’s maddest museums. As he explores these hidden gems he soon discovers that they are every..
₹524 ₹699
Publisher: Rupa & Co by: Sunita Dwivedi
ABOUT THE BOOK Author, traveller and researcher Sunita Dwivedi recounts in this book the captivating tales of her travels to the Buddhist heritage sites of India. Taking on this arduous yet spiritually gratifying journey, she leaves no stone unturned in bringing us closer to the antiquities and my..
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Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd by: K N Raghavan
Dividing Lines: Contours of India China Conflict: 1..
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Dividing Lines: Contours of India-China Conflict
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Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd by: K N Raghavan
India and China ? the inheritors of two ancient civilizations and aeons of neighbourly bonds cemented by Buddhism and the bridge-building missions of Fa-Hien, Huen Tsang, Tagore and Kotnis ? never witnessed strife between themselves till the fateful autumn of 1962, when they fought a short but bitte..
₹169 ₹225
Publisher: Random House Publications by: Bryson, Bill
It was as if I had privately discovered life on another planet, or a parallel universe where life was at once recognizably similar but entirely different. I can't tell you how exciting it was. Insofar as I had accumulated my expectations of Australia at all in the intervening years, I had thought of..
₹413 ₹550
Publisher: Random House Publications by: Hemingway, Ernest
The book opens on the day Hemingway's close friend Pop, a legendary hunter, leaves him in charge of the camp. Tensions have heightened among the various tribes and news arrives of a potential attack on the hunters, forcing Hemingway not only to take on his new role of leader but, equally important, ..
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