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Publisher: Hachette Book Group by: Helen Kensett
₹263 ₹350
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Ian Wallis
Includes the Revolutionary Stories behind: • Email • Mobile Phones • Microwave Ovens • Digital Cameras • Courier Services • BarcodesTHE MOST IMPORTANT BUSINESS IDEAS OF THE LAST 50 YEARS!The world has changed more in the last 50 years than in any previous half century in history. Entire industri..
₹263 ₹350
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Howard Rothman
Incisive Profiles of the 50 Organizations, Large and Small, That have Shaped the Course of Modern Business 50 Companies That Changed the World shows how some of the greatest businesses of all time achieved their success - found untapped niches, stayed on top of trends, managed progressively, and enc..
₹299 ₹399
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Stephen Haines, Valerie Macleod, Terry Schmidt
A “How to” Business Planning Guide with a practical step-by-step approachA Business Planning Guide is a one-of-a-kind book. It is designed as a how-to “Survival Guide” and step-by-step primer. It is utilized for Three-Year Business Plan development and implementation using the Science of Systems ..
₹188 ₹250
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Richard Keegan, Eddie O'kelly
A Guide For Owners And ManagersWhat works for the multi-nationals with all their resources, money, and structures certainly will not work for typical small and medium-sized companies, at least not without being adapted for their needs and resources. This book presents the proven results of such an..
₹296 ₹395
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Hession
Great salespeople are always in demand. To join the ranks of these respected high earners. You've chosen a great place to start. This essential book reveals the proven techniques which take you from being a good salesperson to a great one. It shows you how to perfect your sales approach, keep the in..
₹146 ₹195
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Max Lenderman
To get around a ban on alcohol advertising, a Russian oligarch starts a bank with the same name as his bestselling premium vodka. Russian Standard is still the #1 vodka and is now the largest consumer bank, issuing 77 percent of credit cards Russia. Silk Street market, the epicenter of piracy and co..
₹221 ₹295
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Jagdeep Kapoor
Second Revised & Enlarged Edition The era of Brand Switch is here upon us.For many years, product and service marketeers felt customers were there with them for life, and started taking brand loyalty for granted. However, there has been a transformation in the Indian market and consumers today are..
₹224 ₹299
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Brad Vanauken
The vast majority of even solid, dependable brands toil along, achieving acceptable but unspectacular results due to an inability to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Their problem? They confuse branding with marketing, brand management with product management, and brand identity with s..
₹338 ₹450
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Janaki Krishnan
Success Stories of India’s Leading Business WomenIncludes stories of: SHAHEEN MISTRI, VANDANA LUTHRA, RENUKA RAMNATH ZIA MODY, KIRAN MAZUMDAR-SHAW and othersThe stories of ordinary women who went on to become extraordinaryBREAKING BARRIERS is a book chronicling the lives of some prominent In..
₹146 ₹195
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Ian Wallis
Includes Leadership Lessons from PETER F. DRUCKER, PHILIP KOTLER, EDWARD DE BONO, STEPHEN COVEY, KEN BLANCHARD & C. K. PRAHALADTHE WORLD’S TOP BUSINESS THINKERS IN ONE BOOKA must-read for anyone working in or studying business, Business Gurus explains simply and clearly the most important elemen..
₹224 ₹299
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Kateri Drexler
Includes Profiles of 12 Business IconsBusiness icons, moguls, tycoons – the people who create and master industries, bringing them to their fullest fruition – are usually many different things to different people. To some they are exemplars and saints who show us that democratic capitalism creates..
₹224 ₹299
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