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Political Science

Political Science
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Paul R. Brass
This volume traces the course of development of Charan Singh's discontent in the Congress, which aided by the antagonism on the part of Nehru and his daughter towards him, and the decline of the Congress as the dominant party in Uttar Pradesh, led ultimately to his defection to form a new political ..
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Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Paul R. Brass
Charan Singh and Congress Politics, 1967 to 1987, the third and final volume in the trilogy ofThe Politics of Northern India, begins with the dramatic political event of the fall of the Congress in the most critical state of UP and the formation of the first non-Congress government. This event was o..
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Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan by: Barun Kumar Sahu (IAS)
This book is a treatise on vigilance, compliance and anti-corruption. It is based on empirical and realistic approach to the subject, with some interpretations from ancient wisdoms. The book will be of interest to bureaucrats and senior managers in government, public and private sectors, and to poli..
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Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Amal Kumar Mukhopadhyay
A precise, analytical and critical account of the fundamentals of political theory and the major concepts used in political analysis.This book offers an introduction to major political theories for the first learners of political science at the graduate level as well as those interested in buildin..
₹213 ₹250
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Parama Sinha Palit
A comprehensive analysis of China's efforts to build and utilize soft power as a distinctive part of its foreign policy This volume examines the evolution and application of China's soft power with particular focus on various strategic initiatives such as cultural and public diplomacy, Confucius in..
₹931 ₹1,095
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: D. Suba Chandran, P. R. Chari
This volume addresses three major security aspects in South Asia - armed conflicts, peace audit and early warning. The essays span the entire range of armed conflicts, including inter-state and intra-state actors in the region. An innovative attempt is also made to audit the peace processes in confl..
₹1,126 ₹1,325
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Jyotirmaya Tripathy, Sudarsan Padmanabhan
This book will make you revisit the minority question' as it has been understood, conventionally. This book subjects to scrutiny some of the well-established social science concepts such as minority, ethnicity, inclusion, exclusion, and self-determination, among others. The purpose of the enquiry..
₹931 ₹1,095
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Sanjay Kumar
Changing Electoral Politics in Delhi is an in-depth analysis of voting patterns of voters in Delhi. Rapid immigration has changed the social profile of Delhi's voters who seemed to vote more on class lines than caste as witnessed in many states. During Partition, the city had witnessed large-sc..
₹463 ₹545
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: John Ehrenberg
This new edition of Civil Society: The Critical History of an Idea provides a comprehensive discussion on and analysis of two and a half millennia of Western political theory, as well as what answer the future may hold for how civil society might be understood. John Ehrenberg analyzes both the usefu..
₹676 ₹795
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Aparna Sundar, Nandini Sundar
South Asia has become the site of major civil or internal wars, with both domestic and global consequences. The conflict in Kashmir, for example, continues to make headlines, while those in the Northeast and central India simmer, though relatively unnoticed. There appears to be no clear resolution t..
₹803 ₹945
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Jhumpa Mukherjee
Is it not interesting that at a time when the idea of a global clash of civilizations" is reverberating so mightily and so ominously, how India puts up with the challenge of forging national unity amidst its intricate diversity? What is the key to her comparative success as an integrated state? T..
₹761 ₹895
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Nani Gopal Mahanta
Confronting the State: ULFA's Quest for Sovereignty examines the complex nuances and dynamics that make ULFA (United Liberation Front of Assam) a formidable insurgent group in India. It argues that to understand the phenomenon of insurgency, one has to understand the genesis of conflict between the ..
₹803 ₹945
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