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Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Debarati Halder
Child Sexual Abuse and Protection Laws in India presents in-depth research on the sexual abuse of children in India, the related protection laws and the gaps in current preventive measures. The book includes chapters on the nature of sexual offences theories that explain why they occur, and the laws..
₹723 ₹850
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Radhika Chopra, Patricia Jeffery
The commonsense understanding of `education` rests on the assumption that it has a straightforward positive value. In practice education is profoundly ambiguous in its effects. By focusing on `educational regimes`—and thereby locating values in a broad political terrain encompassing global, national..
₹531 ₹625
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Rupa Chanda, Pralok Gupta
This book brings out the need to organize the Indian legal sector for greater competition against the backdrop of the changing economic realities in India and around the globe. It argues that the primary issue facing this sector is not just that of liberalization and providing access to foreign f..
₹803 ₹945
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Shubhashis Gangopadhyay, V. Santhakumar
Law and Economics is a method of analyzing laws, legal processes, and judicial decisions using the concerns and techniques of neoclassical economics. This two-volume book deals with the theory of Law and Economics and its applications in the context of India. It is written with an objective to conve..
₹1,339 ₹1,575
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Sairam Bhat
Law of Business Contracts in Indiabrings together in-depth, wide-ranging articles by legal experts in the area of Business Contracts. It focuses on the modern forms of business contracts and exposits on the historical evolution, judicial interpretation and future applications of such contracts. The ..
₹973 ₹1,145
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Lovely Dasgupta, Shameek Sen
Sports is probably one of the greatest instruments of social cohesion in today's conflict-stricken world. It has grown from being just an activity for leisure to an activity that is treated as an industry and like all industries, there are innumerable issues that crop up day in and day out. Sports ..
₹761 ₹895
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Delphine Marie-Vivien
The How and the Why of protectingthe unique identity of local productsin the age of globalization. 'It is decreed that no wine merchant can mix two wines together.Disregarding this law can entail a loss of wine and a ­fine', and withthese words a certain king of France in 1351 gave birth to what ..
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