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Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Claudio Loser, Jose Fajgenbaum, Harinder S. Kohli
Mexico is at a critical juncture. The next administration will assume power at a particularly crucial time in Mexico's economic and social development. Its priorities and actions will have a decisive impact on the country's long-term economic, social, and even, political trajectory. If the political..
₹2,758 ₹3,245
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Vijay K Seth
Ascent and Decline of Native and Colonial Trading: Tale of Four Indian Cities presents a vivid picture of how the British political regime reorganized the structure of the Indian economy to suit its own objectives. While doing so, the regime also affected the geographical distribution of economic ac..
₹761 ₹895
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: B. N. Ghosh
Beyond Gandhian Economics is an attempt to establish that Gandhian Economics is not neoclassical in essence and that it goes beyond the defined domain of economics in analyzing social, political and ethical implications of economic actions or policies. What goes by the name of Gandhian Economics are..
₹701 ₹825
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Kanchi Kohli, Manju Menon
A major contribution to understand how the environmental crisis is viewed globally and responded to by policyThis book highlights the manner in which key aspects in policy discourse;commodity, pricing, ownership, and regulation;have borrowed economic and trade principles to address the environmental..
₹803 ₹945
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Vani Kant Borooah, Nidhi S. Sabharwal, Dilip G. Diwakar, Vinod
A comprehensive assessment of the broad issues that underpin social exclusion in India This book posits the Scheduled Castes (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs) vis-a-vis their upper-caste Hindu peers and establishes how caste is a lived reality in everyday life in modern India. It explores areas whe..
₹931 ₹1,095
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Paramita Mukherjee, Arnab K. Deb, Miao Pang
A close look at two of the world's most resilient and upcoming economies to understand their growth and development trajectories This book brings together scholars and academicians from China as well as India to present a well-rounded perspective on various important cross-country issues and the..
₹888 ₹1,045
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Manoranjan Mohanty
The book provides insights into the economic and social transformation that China has undergone from 1979 to the present. Based on the author's research in China for over three decades, China's Transformation: The Success Story and the Success Trap shows how its 'reform and open door' policy evolv..
₹1,016 ₹1,195
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Prasanna K. Mohanty
The twenty-first century will witness a rapid urban expansion in the developing world. India, it is believed, will be at the forefront of such a phenomenon. This book acknowledges the role of agglomeration externalities as the cornerstone of urban public policy in India. Arguing that hypotheses ..
₹888 ₹1,045
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: K. B. Saxena
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) is a major flagship programme of the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), Government of India, implemented since February 2006. Its primary objective is to expand wage employment besides natural resource management for sustaina..
₹888 ₹1,045
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Ranjita Mohanty
Since its inception, the Indian model of development has the twin objectives of economic development and social justice woven together. This has shaped both policy and popular aspiration in post-Independence India. In this context, Democratizing Development: Struggles for Rights and Social Justice ..
₹676 ₹795
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Ramgopal Agarwala
On 8th November 2016, India was caught unaware and shaken to its very roots, when the majority of the currency in circulation became stripped of its value. People were grappling with an entirely unfamiliar situation - 'demonetisation'. The move unleashed a huge debate on television, in newspapers, a..
₹404 ₹475
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Rakhee Bhattacharya
Developmentalism as Strategy: Interrogating Post-colonial Narratives on India's North East critically examines the post-colonial developmental trajectory of the Indian State at its northeastern periphery. Due to its unique historical geography, India's North East has been systematically marginalized..
₹931 ₹1,095
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