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Written by a seasoned IT professional with rich experience in software testing, this book discusses the concepts, features and benefits of QTP, a proven Functional Test Automation Tool, from the perspective of tool knowledge and real-time use. Focusing on QTP 9.2, the book explains all the features ..
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This book will lay a proper foundation of R language for beginners and strengthen the fundamentals for postgraduates, researchers and professionals alike. From basic installation of R, this book covers concepts such as importing data from other sources, statistical models to analyse data, testing hy..
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Railway Track Engineering presents conventional methods of track construction, maintenance and monitoring, along with modern sophisticated track machines. It also comprehensively covers design details and specifications of important track componentsChanges in the revised edition include:Explana..
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Designed to fulfill the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate life science students, the book provides comprehensive knowledge of the fundamental principles and concepts in the subject. The unique feature of the book is the extensive use of illustration for explaining the concepts and experiments...
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Gives a comprehensive and simple treatment to the study of reliability which is considered essential for the correct utilization and maintenance of engineering equipments and systems. The book introduced the basic concepts of reliability and quality and then discusses the various modes and causes of..
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Retailing Management continues to focus on key strategic issues with an emphasis on financial considerations and implementation through merchandise and store management. The concepts are well portrayed with ‘Refacts’, ‘The Indian Retail Scape’, ‘Retailing Views’, and ‘Profiles of Retail Managers’. I..
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The fourth edition of Retailing Management incorporates the changes occurring in the field of retail at the Indian and international level and provides a comprehensive and upto- date treatment of various aspects of retail. This edition continues to be the most current book available, injecting the l..
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With the objective of providing conceptual clarity and connecting learners to retailing in practice, the new edition of this popular textbook on retailing management incorporates the changes in the retail environment in both Indian and international scenarios. This book offers the readers with compr..
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FeaturesThe book provides a compressive overview of the fundamental skills underlying the mechanism and control of manipulators. Detailed chapter on Velocity Transformations, jacobian and Singularities. Trajectory Planning is developed using both joint space and Cartesian space methods. Dynamic..
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The primary aim of the book is to provide students of management with a firm foundation for understanding all the main components of sales and distribution management. The book has a practical orientation, as it is written by authors who have worked as practicing managers mostly in sales and distrib..
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