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Publisher: Tales4 Publications by: Ramesh R Rao
Ganesh Swamy is on a vacation. Whilst travelling in train he comes across a passenger who is reading abook, surprisingly name of the author is not mentioned on it, he gets confused as even Google does not have any details about that book, does that book really exist? Curiosity gets better of him as ..
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Publisher: Tales4 Publications by: Vijay E
"When a bright young but laid back MBA graduate VJ, working for a popular IT Company, meets “THE GIRL - Anita" ,during his training, who instantly makes him fall in love with her. Her being posted in Mumbai, Distanced by 1000kms, He goes in pursuit of her love, only to find her kidnapped by someon..
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Publisher: Tales4 Publications by: Ganga Bharani Vasudevan
“Pitch dark. Extreme Silence. Felt like vacuum. I opened my eyes and found nothing familiar. Where am I? First of all, who am I?” “Ashruth says I was head over heels in love with him. He says our wedding was fixed. But there is no trace of love for him in me. I don’t remember anything. Why would ..
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Publisher: Tales4 Publications by: Arshat Chaudhary
Suresh Chandwani's life has been one long bare knuckle fight match. Maybe he wanted it to be that way. He ran away from his home in Hinganghat, a small village in eastern Maharashtra, when he was 11. He is 48 years old today. He has lived on 3 continents. How he ended up in Harvard from Hing..
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