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Publisher: Swadhya publishing house by: Journey from fake illusions to reality
This story is of one person whose illusions or dreams were failed everytime on every new level of life.We are all illusionist from our childhood to transform the illusion to reality one day and serve good to the world.But some situation do not help you grow in your life.One is that we are lacked to ..
Publisher: Swadhya publishing house by: Antara Mondal
The story is ordinary with extraordinary emotions and incidents.Through this story Antara want to reveal the fact that "everything is not fair in love and war". If you are getting pain then just for your own convenience  don't term it as 'gain.' At the everything will fall..
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Publisher: Swadhya publishing house by: Sourabh Suman
Uncommon, inspiring, touching and heartfelt stories selected from winners of "In search of best short storyteller - 2016" Blurb - In the painful gloom, the shrill ring of the phone sounded pleasing then irritating. He picked up the receiver and whispered, 'Dork.' (Da..
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