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About the book:The protagonist of ‘25 Varg Gaz’ is a congested house spanning 25 square metres,  located in the capital city, Delhi.This novel is about the local people of Delhi which is composed of the original Delhiites as well as the people who have come from other and settled here in hope o..
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About the Book From growing tails to talking ants, everything is just one big pickle in this fun collection of stories. In a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get next. Every chocolate has its very own surprise and taste, and so does every story in this book. As wishes come tru..
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About The Book:Blood spill, smudged blood marks all over the apartment! The young bride Diya, brutally tortured, found with raw bleeding wounds and bruises day after day, witnessed by the entire complex is now ruthlessly murdered. As the crime branch collects tons of evidence against the vanished..
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About the Book Sameer, a young boy of ten years, is not like all other normal children. He will never be able to read and write. His speech is slurred and incoherent. His mother has given up trying to get Sameer educated. But a young girl of his age, Dipti, enters his life. She discovers this amazin..
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About the Book: A Colonel Destined to Lead is the fascinating story of Indian cricket’s first superstar – Col. CK Nayudu. CK, as he was popularly known as, started playing cricket at a time when the game was still in its nascent stages in the country. In fact, it was his innings of 153 runs for the ..
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Niorgast Stinvins, a motivational speaker by profession, wakes up one day to a strange phone call from an unknown person asking him to attend a meeting. There he is introduced to two more strangers, Doilin Flenk(Political advisor) and Bakintin Lenit (Journalist) and to a mission : "Can the world be ..
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How many years did you have to wait to find true love? Avanthika, a love-one-guy-all-through-life kind of girl, didn't have to wait too long. She met Gautham right at the age of ten and fell in love with him at the first sight itself. However, Gautham, who was love-a-girl-sincerely-then-move-on-to-t..
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About the BookThe concealed secret of mighty powers of Nagas and the protocol of treaty among Dewas, Asuras, and Nagas has been compromised by five traitor Sarpa brothers of Ananta Shesha Naga’s royal family. The seed to destroy the world has been concealed by the dazzling and treacherous Sarpini Sw..
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About The Book: Ananya is a story of young lad Vistaar Bhardwaj and the changing colors of his life. Ananya is a story of an innocent girl Ananya, who lights up other people's lives. Ananya is the story of changing perceptions, of the sweetness of love that is spread in various forms and of misunder..
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About The Book: Blur at the brink of chaos is a poetry collection as a concoction of verses of a traveler of life. The poems in this poetry collection are introspective and mature for the age of the poet and complemented well by the pictures adding to the visual appeal. The essence of the poems thro..
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