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India has made remarkable headway in reducing the prevalence of infectious diseases and extending people’s life expectancy. But despite all the progress, the health of almost half of India’s population—that of women—is under threat. Sophie Cousins takes us through the life-cycle of Indian women, all..
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Salespersons occupy a vital position in most organizations yet they tend not to hold their profession in high esteem. According to the author of this book, unless salespersons take pride in their work, they are unlikely to perform to the best of their abilities. This, in turn, is bound to affect the..
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Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." In Search of Change Maestros is a book about leaders who chose to be that change. In Search of Change Maestros documents the contributions of seven great Indian wealth creators and institution builders who thought out of the box and had the ..
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A command over body language has become an important skill in today's world. It is the X-factor that completes the personalities of executives, entertainers, politicians, celebrities, and many more. After the thumping success of the previous edition of Body Language: A Guide for Professionals, SAGE ..
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Dare to Lead is the fascinating story of how Anil K. Khandelwal transformed Bank of Baroda (BOB) from being just another public sector bank into one of the most valuable brands in Indian banking.This is the story of the leadership challenges, management solutions and personal and professional excite..
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The concept of customer engagement has evolved as a powerful tool for building a profitable approach to customer management. Profitable Customer Engagement is an authoritative book that communicates the fundamentals of profitable customer engagement by proposing a customer engagement value (CEV) fra..
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The Indian Media Business, Fourth Edition gives you detailed analysis, perspective and information on eight segments of the media business in India;print, TV, film, radio, music, digital, outdoor, and events. It presents the business history, current dynamics, regulation, economics, technology, val..
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This is not a standard book on management. It does not attempt to take the reader through the process of planning, forecasting, organising, delegating, motivating, monitoring, controlling and communicating in a sequential order, as in Fayol's wheel of managerial functions. Instead, it goes 'beneath..
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This book is a collection of 25 inspiring stories about the unique and personal developmental journey of 25 senior leaders towards the corner office. Seen through the eyes of their Executive Coaches, each of these stories tell us how they found answers to critical questions such as 'Am I ready for ..
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Agri-input companies have played a significant role in transforming the post-Independence ship-to-mouth" Indian economy, dependent on food grain imports, into a self-sufficient economy. Though agricultural productivity is declining and environmentalists are questioning the use of agri-inputs, India..
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Change or Perish' or 'Change and Perish'? Change or perish! is an oft-repeated catchphrase. But many companies have changed and perished. Managing change is a delicate exercise that must be handled with utmost care, patience and expertise. The Acrobatics of Change is a compelling treatise tha..
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360 Degree Feedback, or multi-rater feedback, is an established HR methodology used in organizations across the world. This book presents in-depth details about the process of developing managers into leaders and outlines methodologies for designing and using a 360 Degree Programme for managers at ..
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