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The celebrated poet and filmmaker Gulzar explores the Aandhi of a relationship between a man and a woman caught between love and ambition, mingling political comment with a mature love story to evoke the picture of a tender relationship. JK the manager of Hotel Aashiana, finds his life coming apart ..
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Ronnie is 18 and wants to hook up with as many hot chicks as possible. Since practice makes a man perfect, he practices every day...with different partners, or multiple partners. His philosophy: Footiyas will choke themselves with just one girl. Footiyas? Oh, the guys who go to an ice cream shop if..
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A Treasure of Tagore's Writings Vol I,Tagore,Srishti Publishers,Great Writers,English..
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Khushwant Singh wrote in the preface to the hardbound edition published in 1990 of this true account of Mohanlal Bhaskar’s mission to find out about Pakistan’s nuclear plans: ‘He was betrayed by one of his colleagues, presumbly a double agent, and had to face the music on his own. The interrogation,..
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Animal Farm,George Orwell,Srishti Publishers,Modern Classics,English..
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Asthama EkYogic Diristikon (Hindi),Sanyasi Atmabindu,Srishti Publishers,Philosophy / Religion,Hindi..
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Be Ready for Child Birth: Pregnency,Dr L C Gupta,Srishti Publishers,Medical,English..
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This is a special edition of the collection of works by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. It showcases some of the best stories and verses written by Tagore in a commemorative edition.Best Of Rabindranath Tagore (Set Of 5): Gitanjali, My Boyhood Days, The Post Office, The Gardner Mashi And Other..
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Beyond Experience: consious of B Gita,Sangeeta Menon,Srishti Publishers,Philosophy / Religion,English..
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Buying the Dragon's Teeth,Jamyang Norbu,Srishti Publishers,Politics,English..
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Raja Tiwari is freshly out of jail, and not for stealing hearts and killing with his looks. Audacious, handsome, and dangerously charming, he is looking for a new job when he meets the suave and beautiful Silky Sinha. To add the cherry on the cake, she takes him home. Why would a hot girl take an ex..
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Colonel Investigate,Syed Mustafa Siraj,Srishti Publishers,Translation,English..
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