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Rage Revelry and Romance…,Uday Prakash,Srishti Publishers,Translation,English..
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Gautam completed Chartered Accountancy after several attempts, and to his luck, landed up with Anand – a close friend and brilliant CA – to launch an Accounting Services company named FAB. He finds love in the same profession, without much ado. Can life really be all that simple and straightforward?..
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Studied hard? Got the perfect job? Found the perfect mate? And Still Screwed up your life? Is it possible to do everything right in your life and still not be happy? Meet Sanjay, Aditi, Mayank and Jayshree. Sanjay is US-returned software millionaire determined to have an arranged marriage aftr sllin..
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THE QUEST FOR NOTHING is the story of a young corporate executive who has everything going his way – a rewarding career, a loving wife and an enviable life, until… The race is on and the stakes are high. Akash has made some choices along the way; blind choices that have led him to the midst of a sin..
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Meander through 1819 India with Firangia as he covers villages, jungles and small towns while on a journey of romance, devotion, crime and deception. But there is someone always watching over. This is pre-railways India, when merchants travel in caravans, noblemen with escorts, and no road is secure..
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On October 31, 1984, a sixteen-year-old Amrita Gill came home to find her parents murdered in the riots following Indira Gandhi's assassination. Since then, she has lived in Seattle for thirteen years, wanting nothing to do with the life she left behind in India. Now, however, she finds the past pul..
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What happens when Jai is stranded at the metro station with an irritating stranger called Iyer & a mysterious Pathan? How will the tale from Iyer’s past affect Jai’s future? And why does the mysterious Pathan keep staring at Jai? What happens inside that small room of the metro station? Nobody belie..
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RANBIR is a dreamer; he has a well-paying job, but his aspirations arehigher. He is a good lover; he adores Adah and can forego any comfort ofthe world for her sake. But even then, he is not happy. Because his truecalling is not in the corporate; it's in writing.After much deliberation, he takes the..
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Ajay believes in living for himself; Bhavna teaches him to live for others. Ajay is a planner for life; Bhavna makes him live in every moment. You are the Best Wife is a story of two people with contradictory ideologies who fall in love. It changes them for good. It changes the way they look at t..
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We’re all a little broken, and that’s okay.Or is it? Rick has a medical condition that makes his life different from the rest. But unlike others around him, he sees this not as a curse, but as an opportunity to cherish life and all the bitter-sweet gifts it brings with it.Amidst frequent visits to t..
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Virat studies in a renowned boarding school in Shimla. But behind the façade of a happy teenager is a disturbed child trying to fight the pain of his mother’s death and his father’s ignorance. Neither love nor friends seem to be of any help. That’s when he finds a picture in a library book, which ch..
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From the Best Selling Author of "Promise me a Million times"“The cost of not following your heart is spending the rest of your life wishing you had.”Vishesh is a dreamer, who is driven by his passion for writing and words. But like most Indian middle class families, his parents are impatient to see ..
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