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Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Sophie Cousins
India has made remarkable headway in reducing the prevalence of infectious diseases and extending people’s life expectancy. But despite all the progress, the health of almost half of India’s population—that of women—is under threat. Sophie Cousins takes us through the life-cycle of Indian women, all..
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Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Bramwell Osula, Renae Ideboen
In 10 Winning Strategies for Leaders in the Classroom: A Transformational Approach, Bramwell Osula and Renae Ideboen present 10 proven principles for achieving success in values-based leadership for the classroom environment. Next to the home, the classroom is perhaps the most influential and inspir..
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Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Gopal K Kanji
This expanded and updated edition of Gopal Kanji's best-selling resource on statistical tests provides unique coverage of the most commonly-used tests, with information on how to calculate and interpret results with simple datasets..Each entry begins with a short summary statement about the test's..
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Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Jagdeep Kapoor
In today's competitive times, where marketing is nothing short of warfare, 18 Brand Astras presents a simple and invaluable analysis of the factors that work to make a brand successful. Ace-Marketer and consultant, Jagdeep Kapoor, presents 18 brand abilities that a brand must have to be successful. ..
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Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Jagdeep Kapoor
" … an excellent book - a useful tool and guide in the hands of the young marketing executive."KUMARAMANGALAM BIRLA, Chairman, Aditya Birla Group"Jagdeep Kapoor truly understands brands… He has built winning brands, consulted with companies to help them build successful brands and is a superb ..
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Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Jagdeep Kapoor
Through this revised edition, brand guru Jagdeep Kapoor further strengthens his shaastra that Markets don’t decline, they shift. He presents nine key brand strategies which every marketeer must know in order to create healthy brands. Kapoor presents his ideas in a uniquely organised and engaging way..
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Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Mithu Alur
A novel model of care—integrating education, treatment and social and emotional development—that addresses the issues of people with disabilityThis research examines a new holistic approach of care for persons with cerebral palsy and their families, developed by The Spastics Society of India (now ..
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Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Shobha Bagai, Amber Habib , Geetha Venkataraman
A bridge to the world of mathematics for readers who want to gain a good foundation in basic mathematical skills for research and other activities.This book aims to help students of social sciences, liberal arts, and humanities to develop the ability to analyze and reason mathematically, to model si..
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Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Li Wang
This book is an important investigation of the roles that a university plays in sustainable rural development. In doing so, the book takes an interesting approach and engages in a comparative study of two universities, located in China and Australia. The book examines that in spite of being in diffe..
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Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: K. P. Jayasankar, Anjali Monteiro
An engaging read that explores independent documentary film in India as a site of resistance. This book looks at how independent Indian documentary film reworks the relationship between film-makers, their narratives, their subjects and their audience, challenging the dominant idea of documenta..
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Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Richard P. Tucker
This collection of articles by noted environmental historian Richard P Tucker is an attempt to trace Indian forest history from the colonial era to its post-Independence legacy. It is a study of the evolution of forest policy at the national level, in counterpoint with management at the provincial a..
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Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Radha Kumar, Marcel Korff, Karthika Sudhir
A Gender Atlas of India is a seminal body of work which comprehensively maps and grades India's performance from 2001 to 2016 on issues of concern for women. Taking into account 8 overall indicators and 28 sub-indicators, it looks at how India is performing on various aspects, including sex ratio, w..
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