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For those in love.

by: Rishabh Puri
What do you do when your one true love is snatched away from you? Do you find a new love? Or do you go on loving? Raj has known aavya since they were kids. It is only now, at the threshold of adulthood that he has woken up to her beauty and grace. He is a dreamer while she is a realist. Together, th..
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd by: Rajnish Gambhir
April 13th, 1978. Kartar Singh, an upper caste agriculturist, guns down his newly married daughter Simran and her lower caste husband, for the sake of ‘upholding family honour’.His ex-lover, Sarah Jefferson (a British psychologist) visits him in jail to discover that Kartar has been a victim of ru..
₹281 ₹375
by: Dipnanda Bhaduri Roy
Jeeva is Shiva. Either as a ‘Nirakar’ (formless) entity or as the life energy in every living being, Shiva thrives in people’s consciousness. Shiva’s presence is not only felt in the chants and prayers of ascetics, but also in the common man’s household, in folklores. And in the hearts of every woma..
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd by: Anuja Arora
Naina Oberoi, a rich housewife, believes herself to be free from her shackles and runs to Charikosia to begin a new life. Amrithum Raman, a Forest Office, lives alone in the jungles of Charikosia but is dutiful to a loveless marriage and a family that does not need him. When Naina lands at Amri..
Publisher: Swadhya publishing house by: Antara Mondal
The story is ordinary with extraordinary emotions and incidents.Through this story Antara want to reveal the fact that "everything is not fair in love and war". If you are getting pain then just for your own convenience  don't term it as 'gain.' At the everything will fall..
₹139 ₹198
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd by: Sweta
Do the looks of a person matter in a true relationship? Why does a relationship end? Just because the redundant questions of the society can't be answered? What would you feel when you meet that one person, whom you had left once upon a time, for the sake of his happiness in this ever-judging world,..
₹146 ₹195
Publisher: PustakMandi by: Akansh Malik
Two people met by chance and fell for each other, wanting to spend the rest of their lives in each other’s arms.Aarush, the handsome hunk, who doesn’t believe in God, falls head over heels in love with the religious Aarohi.But things take a sharp turn when Aarohi comes to know that her cousin, who i..
₹131 ₹175
by: Mangal Bazaar - A Novel
एक बिगड़ा हुआ लड़का रघु. जो अपने पिता के साथ मंगल बाज़ार में कपड़ों की छोटी दुकान लगता था. लेकिन दुकान चलाने में उसका मन ही न लगता था. उसके पिता उससे काफी परेशान रहते थे. लेकिन एक दिन रघु को शब्बो मिल गयी. जिसदिन वो उसे मिली रघु एकदम आज्ञाकारी लड़का बन गया. उसे मंगल बाज़ार में दुकान लगाना अच्छा लगने लगा.&..
₹70 ₹100
by: Paperback
story of a young successful businessman Prabuddh; who has lost his parents in his teenage because of foul play. He had determined to become the most powerful man and worked hard, he had feeling of revenge in his mind. Section 1: After completion of his education because of his hard work and intellig..
₹149 ₹199
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd by: Arjun Dutt
A chance meeting in the office elevator, a chance encounter on a hiking trip and a third chance encounter in the office parking lot are enough to make 25 year old Aryan fall head over heels in love with the beautiful, popular, intriguing Tanvi Kapoor. Thwarted by Raghav and Kunal, the two men who ne..
₹184 ₹245
by: Book
The book is an anthology of 4 beautiful love stories and 20 lovely poems written by Lata tejeswar...
₹134 ₹179
Publisher: Swadhya publishing house by: Sourabh Suman
Uncommon, inspiring, touching and heartfelt stories selected from winners of "In search of best short storyteller - 2016" Blurb - In the painful gloom, the shrill ring of the phone sounded pleasing then irritating. He picked up the receiver and whispered, 'Dork.' (Da..
₹113 ₹150
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