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Publisher: Kalamos Literary Services LLP by: Himanshu Goel
Can a rational boy fall in love? Isn't love just a chemical response? The boy knows all about how neurons work but can't help falling in love. He tries to use the tools of logic and Science to make sense of what he feels, will he be successful or will love forever remain a mystery to him? A rational..
Publisher: Kalamos Literary Services LLP by: Puran Mal Saini
मेरी कविताओं के इस संकलन में 51 कविताएँ है। प्रत्येक कविता अपने आपमें एक छोटा सा उद्देश्य व सन्देश लिए है । परिस्थितियाँ, सम्बन्ध, जीवन शैली आज के समाज को बहुत प्रभावित करती हैं । मनुष्य आसपास में घट रही वास्तविकता से अछूता नहीं रह सकता । इन्हीं..
Publisher: Penguin Random House India by: Raza Mir
Mirza Ghalib is perhaps the most widely chronicled Urdu poet in English. But few can pithily capture the essence of his life and work as enjoyably as Raza Mir can. In this lively, witty and illuminating account, Ghalib emerges from these pages as a man of his time but also one who looms large over h..
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Publisher: Penguin Random House India by: Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh
The vision of Guru Nanak, the fifteenth-century founder of the Sikh faith, celebrated the oneness of the Divine that both dwells within and transcends the endless diversity of life. Guru Nanak's immaculate vision inspired the rich and inclusive philosophy of Sikhism, which is reflected in this exqui..
₹263 ₹350
Summer Solstice and other poems? is a collection of English poems that span romance, fantasy, inspiration, drama, tragedy, and family. They are a personal reflection of the author?s experiences which bring out some of her interesting wondering, epiphanies, and a whirlpool of emotions. The poems are ..
₹200 ₹250
The Midnight Scrawls is a collection of poems about love, relationships, hardships, tears, joy, pain, betrayal, friendship, war, hope, faith, etc, everything that a person experiences in his life. Whether they are bitter truths, dark phases of life or happy endings. Each poem represents different em..
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