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Bhakti sans Religion - Dilemmas in the Search of One's True Inner Self

There is only one God. Unfortunately he is surrounded by infinite veils of sophisticated lies and su..

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Con Kabir

Story is about two friends, protagonist Kabir who is from India and Ali who is from Pakistan. Both s..

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April 13th, 1978. Kartar Singh, an upper caste agriculturist, guns down his newly married daughter..

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Lot For Others

Do the looks of a person matter in a true relationship? Why does a relationship end? Just because th..

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The Claim

The recent foray of ‘3M Chandani Group’ into the life insurance sector is besieged with a large insu..

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The Last Seen Romantic

A chance meeting in the office elevator, a chance encounter on a hiking trip and a third chance enco..

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The Slip of Me

The Slip of Me is a contemporary coming of age story, following a boy named Vikram, –– quiet, shy an..

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THE MAHABHARATA ENDURES AS THE GREAT EPIC OF INDIA. While Jaya is the story of the Pandavas, to..

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AJAYA : Epic of the Kaurava Clan -ROLL OF THE DICE (Book 1)

THE MAHABHARATA ENDURES AS THE GREAT EPIC OF INDIA. But while Jaya is the story of the Pandavas, tol..

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ASURA : Tale of the Vanquished

The epic tale of victory and defeatƒ The story of the Ramayana had been told innumerable times. The ..

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Being requested by his colleagues, Ranjan accepted the farewell as it was his childhood dream receiv..

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I’m Not a Retard!

Tormented by a group of cyber-bullies in Smithsonian College, Katya Mishra reaches out to Tara Ghosh..

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Lost in the Known

This book is an anthology of short stories; it is about fictional characters who revolutionized thei..

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Bollywood is full of rags to riches stories of ordinary people who survived the grind and rigmarole ..

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We were also Human Beings

Here, in this story, all these sections of nature interacting each other. The novel is bifurcated to..

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"#Impressions@expressions unfolds two love stories involving four characters, different from each ot..

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11:11 Sonnets of Silence

As you stroll through the garden of most commonly used English phrases, you are bestowed upon a very..

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1400 Bananas, 76 Towns & 1 Million People

For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is..

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14th February is Valentine's Day - a day dedicated for love. Love creates life, sustains life and tr..

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23 the Book: Season I is an eclectic collection of twenty-three short stories that represent a melan..

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