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Publisher: Kyle Books by: Vatcharin Bhuichitr
From well-known favourites such as Green Curry to regional specialities like Gaeng Gai Chian Rai (Northern Chicken Curry) and Stuffed Curry Mussels, top Thai chef Vatcharin Bhumichitr presents 50 of Thailand's best curries. The gorgeous photographs and useful hints and tips help you dive straight in..
₹563 ₹750
Publisher: Kyle Books by: James Duigan
Even with the best diet intentions it is still possible to have a bloated, distended or flabby tummy. As James Duigan explains, the toxins in many low-fat and so-called 'diet' foods actually make your stomach fatter - plus allergies, stress and lack of sleep can also lead to an unattractive bulge. W..
₹674 ₹899
Publisher: Kyle Books by: Martha Swift
This is a best-selling masterclass on how to make simple, stylish little cakes that bring joy to children and adults alike. Martha Swift and Lisa Thomas concentrate on the basics with separate chapters on how to make different sponge recipes, how to ice a cupcake properly, using decorations - as wel..
₹824 ₹1,099
Publisher: Kyle Books by: Monisha Bharadwaj
Immerse yourself in the rich flavours and spices of India to create truly tantalising vegetarian dishes. With notes on chillies, varieties of pulses and how to make your own spice blends as well as exceptional location photography this book offers flavoursome and exotic dishes to brighten up your ve..
₹824 ₹1,099
Publisher: Kyle Books by: Monisha Bharadwaj
If you want exciting, tasty and authentic Indian dishes, but without any fuss, this is the book for you! Monisha Bharadwaj has made Indian food easy, fun to cook and absolutely delicious. Making dishes using 6 ingredients or less, plus vegetable oil, salt and ginger-garlic paste, Monisha shows us ho..
₹524 ₹699
Publisher: Kyle Books by: Monisha Bharadwaj
A feast for the eyes as well as the mind, this is a comprehensive encyclopaedia of the mouth-watering ingredients used in Indian cooking. Monisha Bharadwaj shares the secrets of Indian cuisine and celebrates variety and ingenuity. From asafoetida to walnuts, each of 100 ingredients is explored givin..
₹863 ₹1,150
Publisher: Kyle Books by: Mima Sinclair
A delicious cake you make in a mug, in a microwave, in less than 10 minutes? Yes, it may sound crazy but it actually works and this latest baking craze is quickly catching on, spreading across blogs and Instagram and Pinterest with photographic proof of baking brilliance. Fancy giving it a try? Here..
₹488 ₹650
Publisher: Kyle Books by: Daniel Green
The Paleo diet is all about returning to a healthier way of life - cutting out all the heavily processed, high fat, fast food that is an invention of recent times, and getting back to the fruits, veg, meat, seafood and nuts that our Paleolithic, hunter-gatherer ancestors thrived on when our species ..
₹824 ₹1,099
Publisher: Kyle Books by: Lynne Robinson, Lisa Bradshaw, Nathan Gardner
Lynne Robinson is the world's bestselling Pilates author and The Pilates Bible is the most authoritative and comprehensive book on Pilates to date presenting the latest research, both medical and practical, and including exercises with brand new modifications that take the reader from beginner level..
₹1,013 ₹1,350
Publisher: Kyle Books by: Lynne Robinson, Carmela Trappa, Jenny Hawke
Pilates for Life is the ideal guide to Pilates for anyone over 40. In addition to providing clear information and step-by-step instructions for a specially tailored workout, there are also sections on how specially developed exercises can help with a number of conditions. From gentle exercises suita..
₹1,013 ₹1,350
Publisher: Kyle Books by: Dr Clare Shaw
The book is divided into three: a detailed section by Dr Clare Shaw on diet and cancer and the problems you may face during treatment (such as loss of appetite, nausea, sore mouth, change of taste); recipes to cook during treatment, which are nutritionally beneficial and wholesome enough to keep you..
₹1,049 ₹1,399
Publisher: Kyle Books by: Vatcharin Bhumichitr
In this title, Vatch shows us how to cook delicious Thai recipes in 30 minutes or less. The recipes reflect his unsurpassed knowledge of Thai food, from Bangkok's popular street food to the fish specialities on the coast. Vatch uses simple, healthy but delicious ingredients, quick preparation method..
₹524 ₹699
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