Suspense, Terror and God knows what.

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6th Target

Author: James PattersonCondition: Old, UsedAbout book: When a horrifying attack leaves one..

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Along Came a Spider

Author: James PattersonCondition: Old, UsedAbout Book: The classic thriller that launched ..

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समीक्षा : हवेलीप्रेम के विदरूप सच को उजागर करती :हवेली'हवेली' लता तेजेश्वर का पहला उपन्यास है। छब्बी..

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The Da Vinci CODE

 ABOUT The curator of the Louvre lies in his own blood, laid out like the Vitruvian Man, a..

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11th Hour

Lindsay Boxer is pregnant at last! But her work doesn't slow for a second. When millionaire Chaz Smi..

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206 Bones

‘You have an enemy, Dr Brennan. It is in your interest to learn who placed that call.’A routine ca..

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4 Play

Four guys join a B-school with one single aim - to enjoy life to the hilt. What started out as an in..

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45 Days in a Cancer Hospital

Terminal cancer patients in the most prestigious hospital of Mumbai are being murdered under the mas..

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ñI will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel.î ? The Hippocrati..

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A Grey Story

A GREY STORY traces the life of Surya through her adolescence, from early teens to early twenties. B..

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A Metro Nightmare

A young woman, Gauri, commits suicide on the Delhi Metro tracks. Her suicide note claimed that she h..

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A minute to death

Young, vivacious and an aspiring writer, Riya wants nothing more from her longtime crush/boyfriend t..

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A Passion beyond extremes

As a young child, Ashwini harbored a unique fantasy: to someday build a wondrous castle, identical t..

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Alex Cross, Run

Three killers are on the rampage in the capital and dead bodies are piling up almost as fast as the ..

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And Then There Were None

 "And Then There Were None, available in paperback, is a mystery novel that tells a story of te..

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Apprentice, The

The Surgeon has been locked up for a year but his chilling legacy still haunts the city, and especia..

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When historian Fluke Kelso learns of the existence of a secret notebook belonging to Josef Stalin he..

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At Risk

For MI5 Intelligence Officer Liz Carlyle the nagging complications of her private life are quickly f..

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Bad Luck And Trouble: (Jack Reacher Thriller)

The events of 9/11 changed Jack Reacher’s drifter life in a practical way. In addition to his foldin..

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