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Publisher: Raindrops Publishing by: Shonali Dey, Bernard D'sa
Whispers of Love: things beyond love - an international anthology of poems - 2 By Shonali Dey & Bernard D'sa..
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Publisher: BecomeShakespeare by: Seema K Jayaraman
"Wings Of Rhapsody Wings Of Rhapsody - A Dalliance Of Poems is an anthology of poemswritten by Mumbai based poetess Ms. Seema K Jayaraman. Thiscollection is an eclectic mix of poems written over a period of threedecades. Seema is a visual artist painting with words.'Seema writes with a naturalistic,..
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Winter Poems
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Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd by: Sabarna Roy
The poems contained in this collection, Winter Poems, by Sabarna Roy were inspired by the relatively mild season that prevails in Kolkata following the season of festivities, the Durga and Kali Puja, and portray myriad shades of human life. Some of them deal with the imaginations of death and home w..
₹109 ₹145
Publisher: Half Baked Beans Publishing by: Sheetal S
i told him every time you kiss me leave a word in my mouth conundrum. elison. stay. foofaraw. shoal. freyja. With me/ Otherwise is all about the intricate design of human relationships. The poems hold a reticent astonishment at facts that occur around the world and transcribe them into emotional ent..
₹149 ₹199
Publisher: Raindrops Publishing by: Various Authors
World Poetry Day 2017 Special - A set of 5 books specially designed for the world poetry day 2017 Topics on Love, Poetry, Beauty, Raindrops and World..
₹175 ₹250
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