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अंतर्ध्वनि , 142 गेय कवितायें

कविता को समझने के लिये जरूरी है कि कवि को समझा जावे , उसके परिदृश्य , उसकी जिजिविषा , उसके रचना कर्म..

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वतन को नमन, देश राग

वतन को नमनकारगिल युद्ध की विजय पर प्रकाशित इस पुरस्कृत पुस्तक की छंद बद्ध सभी १०८ कवितायें आज भी उतन..

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A Soldier's Daughter

Release Date : 15th October, 2015This is the life story of a young girl, who happens to be an army o..

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If you’ve ever wished you could just stop... • drinking • gambling • overeating • shopping • smoking..

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Freedom from the Known

Born in poverty in India, Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986) became a leading spiritual and philosophica..

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The biggest ideas in life are often expressed in the fewest words. JAICO brings you the best in this..

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Gandhi On Personal Leadership

The process of personal growth and transformation seldom happens “by accident”; it is the product of..

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Gandhi the Man

NEW EDITIONThe Story of a Great Soul: the Power of NonviolenceGandhi’s face is instantly rec..

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A lucidly- wrutteb cinnebtarty on the unseemly politics of terrorism post-26/11, Gandhi's Epistle to..

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Gandhian Management

Gandhiji carved a philosophy which he nurtured and upheld throughout his life, only to be known late..

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India After Independence

This book features the major events and developments that have taken place in India since independen..

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Jawaharlal Nehru

Jawaharlal Nehru has won the admiration of the people of India and the world as a national leader, a..

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Mahatma Gandhi

New Reformatted EditionMahatma Gandhi’s life was an experiment with truth. Put your principles to ..

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Mahatma Gandhi: His Life and Ideas

A passionate portrait of the faith and life of Gandhi, written by one of his closest friends, an Ang..

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Mahatma Vs Gandhi

Based On The Life Of Harilal Gandhi—the Eldest Son Of Mahatma GandhiBapu Had Failed To Convince Tw..

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Mohandas K. Gandhi (With DVD)

COLLECTOR’S EDITION includes Documentary Film 30th January, 1948 End of An Empire Rare video footage..

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Mohandas K. Gandhi: A Biography

His iconic status endures in the United States, through his influence on Martin Luther King, Jr., an..

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Mohandas K. Gandhi: A Biography (Hindi)

Now in HindiHis iconic status endures in the United States, through his influence on Martin Luther..

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