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Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Norman Vincent Peale
Think Big, Believe Big, Achieve BigBelieve that problems do have answers. And believe you can solve them.Lift yourself up in the face of conflict Finding ways to be enthusiastic in the face of difficulty Become a confident person that friends and loved ones can turn toIn CONFIDENCE, Peale shar..
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Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Dolores Cannon
Dolores Cannon has accumulated information about the death experience and what lies beyond, through 16 years of hypnotic research and past-life therapy. While revealing these experiences hundreds of subjects reported the same memories when experiencing their death, the spirit realm and their rebirth..
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Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Richard Bach
This collection of adventure fables from an enchanting world tackle issues of salvation, romance and suspense through bravery, love and humility. Come and explore this exciting world along with the virtuous ferrets and their moralistic adventures.Readers of all ages will delight in these magical e..
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Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Ailsa Frank
Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing By Ailsa Frank..
₹254 ₹299
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Zig Ziglar, Dr Dwight Ike Reighard
Do you want to make the most of your life?Zig Ziglar, one of today’s most respected motivational speakers and authors, sincerely hopes and believes that you do. Between these covers, you will find a selection of Zig’s favorite messages, thoughtful questions to lead you to a deeper application of ..
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Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Robin Sharma
From The Monk Who Sold His FerrariEach page of this thoughtful book contains an unforgettable quotation from Robin Sharma. It provides the reader with a daily prescription of uplifting, practical wisdom for personal and professional success. It’s a beautiful and timeless gift of wisdom, for a love..
₹254 ₹299
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Nishit Lal
Change the world with your standards of excellenceIt’s time to breakthrough, not breakdown. It’s time to give your all and not give up. It is time to put your best foot forward and Dance to the 7 Tunes of Success!Success is not just about achieving your goals, it is about making the most while ..
₹191 ₹225
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Stewart Ferris
You may have 101 textbooks about your chosen subject, but this is the only one you’ll ever need on how to de-stress for your exams. Coping with stress while taking exams can be more testing than the papers themselves. De-Stress For Exams will ensure you enter that exam hall with a clear head and a c..
₹106 ₹125
Publisher: Westland by: Ashish Bagrecha
Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel..
₹213 ₹250
Publisher: Rupa & Co by: Abhirup Bhattacharya
The Ultimate Guide to Life and Success!About the BookThe Bhagavad Gita is not relevant to just one community or religion. It speaks of values, principles concepts that transcend the barriers of time and space. Aeons may separate the modern world that of Kurukshetra, but the paths to achieving realiz..
₹250 ₹295
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Atulya Mahajan
Foreword by Gul PanagA Political SpoofThe mysterious Badi Sarkar wants her son to become the Prime Minister of India. Her reticent son Chhote Sarkar wants to eat ice-cream. Great Leader wants his Orchid party to win the elections. He also wants a wand that works. The horny Baba Neemacharya wants..
₹254 ₹299
Publisher: Vishwakarma Publications by: Virender Kapoor
Dhyas Sarwottamacha: Amitabh Stylene..
₹152 ₹195
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