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Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Michael Sincere
The Inside Secrets Of The Most Trusted And Successful Investors On Wall StreetEverywhere you look someone is telling you how to invest your money. How to ride the bull market... or anticipate the next correction. Everyone claims to have the answer. What should you believe?101 Investment Lessons ..
₹251 ₹295
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Tamal Bandyopadhyay
The Story of HDFC BankTHE NEW BANK MOVEMENT & the untold story of THE MAKING OF INDIA’S MOST VALUED BANKThis is the story of the birth and growth of India’s most valued Bank – HDFC Bank Ltd – against the backdrop of the new bank movement in India that started in 1994 when the Reserve Bank of In..
₹336 ₹395
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Raghu Palat
Incorporates The Latest Amendments In The Finance Bill 2007A Complete Guide For The NRI covers in detail all the rules and regulations applicable to Non-resident Indians. It bridges the gap that exists – a gap between an inadequate understanding of the laws as they relate to NRIs and the NRI himse..
₹234 ₹275
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Ravi Gupta
When it comes to investing, one thought that constantly nags your mind is: HOW TO INVEST OR WHERE TO INVEST?Here is a book that will empower the common investor to take sound and prudent investment decisions, and enable him to achieve his desired financial goals. It is also a practical self-help g..
₹254 ₹299
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: B K Chatterjee
Finance for Non-Finance Managers provides information to understand the tools, techniques and nuances of financial management. This abridged version has been prepared on the basis of a careful selection of only such topics as are of immediate relevance to the non-finance personnel. The book contains..
₹319 ₹375
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: William W Sihler, Richard D Crawford, Henry A Davis
Financial Management is designed to help the chief executive ensure that the company’s financial management is in harmony with the company’s strategy. The book will also help in ensuring the reverse, that the company’s strategy is feasible, given the company’s financial environment and situation. Th..
₹298 ₹350
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Manoj Arora
A common man’s journey...YOUR ROAD MAP TO ACHIEVING FINANCIAL FREEDOM AND LIVING YOUR DREAMSFinancial freedom is not defined by your net worth or your social status. It does not matter how much you earn – what matters is how much you can save and invest wisely. The secret to financial freedom is..
₹254 ₹299
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Joseph G Nicholas, J D
Hedge Funds have rightly gained the attention of private and institutional investors in recent years, proving themselves as useful portfolio diversifiers and preservers of wealth while greatly dispelling their reputation as an “unsafe” investment. Yet investors attempting to navigate in the field of..
₹336 ₹395
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Raghu Palat
This book introduces the reader to the Annual Report and discusses its various components namely, the directors report, the audit report and the financial statements. It helps the reader to unravel the mysteries of the financial statements and comprehend the innovativeness of creative accounting...
₹191 ₹225
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: H Narayanan
Enthused and encouraged by the exemplary success of Life Insurance Corporation of India the Government of India in the early 1970s decided to bring in the general insurance industry also into the vortex of a nationalised setup to provide comprehensive insurance security to the people of India.How ..
₹421 ₹495
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Luís M B Cabral
Over the past twenty years, the study of industrial organization—the analysis of imperfectly competitive markets—has grown from a niche of micro-economics to a key component of economics and of related disciplines such as finance, strategy, and marketing. This book provides an issue-driven introduct..
₹336 ₹395
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Kautilya
Kautilya, also known as Chanakya, is India’s most illustrious political economist of all time. He regarded economic activity as the driving force behind the functioning of any political dispensation. In fact, he went to the extent of saying that revenue should take priority over the army because sus..
₹254 ₹299
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