Life has so many lessons to teach. But do we have the time to dedicate an entire lifetime to learn these things from our own experiences? Can we take the risks? Don’t worry if your answer is a definite yes or even a no cause PustakMandi is here as the one-stop solution to all your learning woes. With its vast collection of books on philosophy, finance, health, general knowledge, communication, cookery, parenting, personality development etc., PustakMandi pushes you in the right direction of learning. So, get ready to take learnings from all corners of the world. Happy Learning!
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मार्ग दर्शक चिन्तन

 मार्ग दर्शक चिन्तनद्वारा ..प्रो चित्र भूषण श्रीवास्तव विदग्ध जीवन में विचारो का महत्व सबस..

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बिजली का बदलता परिदृश्य

बिजली का बदलता परिदृश्यबिजली का एक बटन दबाते ही हमारी दुनिया बदल जाती है. अन्धेरा दूर हो जाता है.ज़रू..

₹150 ₹128

Android App Development for Young Adults and The Rest of US

Hello App Inventor! Introduces young readers to the world of mobile programming. It assumes no previ..

₹499 ₹424

.NET 3.5 Programming Black Book covering .NET Framework VB 2008, C# 2008 and ASP.NET 3.5

.NET 3.5 Programming Black Book is the one-time reference and solid introduction, written from the p..

₹649 ₹552

.NET 4.0 Programming (6-in-1) Black Book

.NET 4.0 Programming Black Book is the one-time reference book, written from the programmer’s point ..

₹699 ₹594

.NET 4.5 Programming 6-in-1, Black Book

.NET 4.5 Programming Black Book is the one-time reference book, written from the programmer’s point ..

₹799 ₹679

.NET Framework 4.5 in Simple Steps

.NET Framework 4.5 in Simple Steps is a book that helps you learn .NET Framework 4.5 using Visual St..

₹299 ₹254

.NET Interviews Questions

Highly recommended for beginners, students, and professionals, this book covers the unknown or hidde..

₹249 ₹212

.NET Technology: As Per Computer Engineering & Information Technology Syllabus Semester 6 GTU

The .NET Technology book provides you an easy-to-follow set of code and design standards for address..

₹649 ₹552

1,001 GRE Practice Questions for Dummies: With Free Online Practice

The GRE General Test is accepted at more than 3,200 graduate and business schools as well as departm..

₹699 ₹559

10 Rules of Wisdom

The Truth Of Happiness, Enlightenment & The Creation Of An Ideal WorldThe Principles of Happin..

₹299 ₹254

10 Ways To Overcome Anger

Anger is a natural part of the human condition, but it isn’t easy to handle. And when people don’t h..

₹250 ₹213

100 Great Inspiring Stories

Stories and anecdotes are the best way to convey a powerful message.Here is a collection of inspir..

₹250 ₹213

100 Great Inspiring Stories (Gujarati)

Now in GujaratiStories and anecdotes are the best way to convey a powerful message.Here is a col..

₹185 ₹157

100 Stories You Will Never Forget

Rev. Dada J P Vaswani has always been a raconteur par excellence. His informal discourses as well as..

₹299 ₹254

100 Thoughts That Lead To Happiness

Some people seem to be happy no matter what happens in their lives. Some people are sad and depresse..

₹165 ₹140

100 Ways to A Stress Free Life

Constant rushing. Annoying clutter. Over-scheduled days. Sleepless nights. Nonstop chores, activitie..

₹125 ₹106

1000 Names of Vishnu

In India Vishnu is God the Preserver, the Sustainer of life worshipped by millions in his incarnatio..

₹399 ₹339

1001 Ways to Motivate Yourself And Others

Having trouble accomplishing your goals? Want to make tough decisions without procrastination? You k..

₹250 ₹213

101 Inspiring Stories

This is one of the many inspiring books from the renowned “Motivator” Dr. G. Francis Xavier. Evident..

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