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Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd by: Gautam Pradhan
LAND OF THE MARATHAS, 1661 – 1674Epic Story of Shivaji Maharaj, India’s Greatest Warrior-King, And Birth of the Maratha EmpireShivaji Bhosale’s struggle against imperial powers continues as massive Mughal armies repeatedly descend upon his tiny fiefdom. Emperor Aurangzeb recognizes the dangerous thr..
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd by: Vivek Wagle
Circa 800 BC: Merit or birth? Meritocracy or dynastic monarchy? King Sarthak of the mighty kingdom of Manukeshwar faces this great dilemma in naming his successor. The contenders to the throne are the upright and virtuous Kanishka, son of a learned Rishi, and his own firstborn, the selfish and arrog..
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Michael Fenwick Macnamara
This book explores the nature and impact of the governor's role in developing government policy, and the consequent effect in British India. Analysing the governors' approaches towards and influence on Indian nationalism and other matters, it examines Lord Irwin's era due to its importance in India'..
₹846 ₹995
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Jonathan D. James
A Moving Faithcaptures the dynamic shift of Christianity to the South and portrays a global movement that promises prosperity, healing, empowerment, and gender equality by invoking neo-Pentecostal and Charismatic resources. It postulates that neither North America nor Europe is the current center of..
₹761 ₹895
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Sudeshna Guha
This book encourages us to critically regard the ways in which ideologies of cultural heritage and civilisational legacies are transformed into tangible and visible things through archaeological scholarship. Through little-known histories of the practices, governance and scholarship of the archae..
₹931 ₹1,095
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Nalini Natarajan
Using the frames of diaspora theory, post-colonial discourse theory and the recent Atlantic turn in studies of resistance, this book brings into relief Gandhi's experience as a traveler moving from a classic colony, India, to the plantation and mining society of South Africa. The author forwards th..
₹701 ₹825
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Tariq Hasan
A historical narrative that examines the role of ulema and their use of the concept of jihad during India's struggle for independence. Colonialism and the Call to Jihad in British Indiaexamines the role of Muslim religious leaders or Ulema's in India's freedom struggle. And it does so by visiting th..
₹616 ₹725
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Braj Bhushan
Eminent Indian Psychologists: 100 years of Psychology in India presents a chronology of important research and noteworthy events in the field of Psychology in the last hundred years. Psychology as a discipline was first introduced in this country in 1916-in the University of Calcutta. In 2016 the hu..
₹1,126 ₹1,325
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Tadd Fernée
Enlightenment and Violenceis a history of ideas that proposes a multi-centred and non-Eurocentric interpretation of the Enlightenment as a human heritage. This comparative study reconstructs how modernity was negotiated in different intellectual and political contexts as a national discourse within ..
₹931 ₹1,095
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Mahendra Man Singh
Forever Incomplete is the story of the Kingdom of Nepal. It will take the reader through various periods in her long history-from the birth and unification of the country, attempts at expansion, and clashes with neighbouring powers to the demarcation of its present-day borders. The story also covers..
₹803 ₹945
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Rakhahari Chatterji
The campaign of the Khilafat Movement and the Ali brothers close collaboration with Gandhi are well acknowledged in the pages of history. It is also well known that after the collapse of the Khilafat-Non-cooperation Movement, the relationship between them became strenuous, and the Ali brothers moved..
₹701 ₹825
Publisher: SAGE Publications India by: Vasanthi Srinivasan
Hindu Spirituality and Virtue Politicsanalyzes the writings of four distinguished thinkers of India: S. Radhakrishnan, Vinoba Bhave, C. Rajagopalachari and A. K. Coomaraswamy. The author argues that there are two distinct visions of how Hindu spirituality is linked to modern liberal politics. The fi..
₹506 ₹595
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