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Business Self-Help

Business Self-Help
Business Success Principles
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Businesses in India are always looking for the best alternatives to strengthen their products and services. But in the mean time a lot of businesses open up without any planning, without any objective. These business then shut down within a couple of years. What they lack is the step-by-step..
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The Ultimate Guide to Life and Success!About the BookThe Bhagavad Gita is not relevant to just one community or religion. It speaks of values, principles concepts that transcend the barriers of time and space. Aeons may separate the modern world that of Kurukshetra, but the paths to achieving realiz..
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Devi, Diva or She-Devil: The smart career woman's survival guide By Sudha Menon..
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Feng Shui: Answers,Vijayalakshami Minocha,Srishti Publishers,Management / Self Help,English..
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You are considering a book that may change how you look at and feel happiness on a routine basis. The purpose of this book is to make your life richer, meaningful and happier. The author is also a stand-up comedian and is on a mission to make the world a visibly inspired and happier place. Happiness..
How I was forced to become a staunch RACIST' is the story of the journey of an entrepreneur in India connecting various aspects of their lives that forces them to churn out to be RACISTS. The book has some fierce accusations and revelations about the start-up world and highlights STARTUPS, STANDUPS ..
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In this collection of satirical essays in her deft, inimitable style, Naomi Datta tells you how to survive various situations-from how to befriend tiger moms to how not to get a pink slip- simply by being 'ordinary'. This is a book which celebrates conformity and tells you how to be perfectly regula..
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How to Live with Diabetes,Henry Dolger,Srishti Publishers,Management / Self Help,English..
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Do you really know who I am? Do you know that the brain & I are two separate entities? Do you know that 24/7 your life is governed by me, me & me alone? Do you know that once you master me, you will be able to exactly know what is going on in another's mind, & why they are doing what the..
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Kabeer in Korporates addresses the trials and tussles of the workplace faced by the modern day employee, using Kabeer as the deep font of practical wisdom that balances philosophy with action, theory with practice. It puts into perspective the multiple conundrums of working life: o the balance betwe..
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Manage your Manager,Kriti,Bluejay Books Pvt Ltd,Management,English..
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Money Magic,Praveen Chadha,Srishti Publishers,Management / Self Help,English..
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