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Some more famous people.

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बिजली का बदलता परिदृश्य

बिजली का बदलता परिदृश्यबिजली का एक बटन दबाते ही हमारी दुनिया बदल जाती है. अन्धेरा दूर हो जाता है.ज़रू..

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रघुवंशम् छंद बद्ध भाव पद्यानुवाद

प्रो. चित्र भूषण श्रीवास्तव"विदग्ध" ने किया संस्कृत ग्रँथों का हिन्दी पद्यानुवादभारतीय संस्कृति में ..

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50 Magnificent Indians Of The 20th Century

The book is an inspiring tale of 50 prominent Indians who made outstanding contribution in various f..

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51 Greatest Modern Heroes

Everyone needs a hero. Heroes are people who make a difference in our world and are often considered..

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Abraham Lincoln

When Lincoln reunited a country fractured by the Civil War – all the while enduring unceasing politi..

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Adolf Hitler

There can be little doubt that Adolf Hitler changed the lives of everyone who lived in Europe and al..

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