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Banking Aptitude ~ Chapterwise

Banking Aptitude ~ Chapterwise
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Banking Aptitude ~ Chapterwise
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Publication Year2018
CategoryNumbers, H.C.F and L.C.M, Decimal Fraction, Simplification, Square Root and Cube Root, Problems on Numbers, Problems on Ages and Trains, Percentage, Boats and Streams, Ratio and Proportion, Pipes and Cistern, Surds and Indices, Average, Quadratic Equations , Simple and Compound Interest, Profit and Loss, Partnership, Permutation and Combination, Alligation or Mixture, Time and Distance, Time and Work, Volume and Surface Area, Races and Games, Calendar, Clock, Stocks and Shares, Probability, Height and Distance, True Discount, Area, Logarithm, Banker's Discount, Chain Rule, Series, Odd Man Out and Series, Table Charts, Pie Charts, Bar Charts and Line Charts.


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