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Everything Will Be Alright
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The novel is about two lovers cum friends Nihal and Bhoomi who leave their houses in search of fulfillment. They both have a dream. Nihal wants to win a gold medal in Mega events on an international platform; whereas Bhoomi wants to search her biological parents as she is an adopted child. Both of t..
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Forever : A Promise
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Gopal is a rich and educated man who has everything in life. Tara is a simple and beautiful girl from a small village in Kathmandu. Gopal meets Tara for the first time in his house. It is love-at-first-sight, but he has no hope that his love will be fulfilled. She does not respond to him at ..
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Friends? best Friends!
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Friends? best Friends! by Dheerika Pandey..
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Half Baked Love
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Half baked Love - A Collection of Half Baked Love Stories..
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Hues of Modern Love
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Hues of Modern Love - An Odyssey of Soul to SoulComing Soon..
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I.. The Loser
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Release: March, 2016I.. The Loser - Dhramshala.. Lahore .. Delhi By Sumit Kumar Sambhav..
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In Love with Shah Rukh Khan - Ebook
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Everyone has a dream. It’s just that some dreams get fulfilled and others remain confined in hearts.Aanya was a small town girl and Vivaan was a flirt. Life takes a different turn when love brought them together.She had a dream of meeting Shah Rukh Khan. He promised to fulfill it.What lies ahead?Whe..
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