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The collection of thirteen stories meanders across borders and journeys to distant lands. Life, as w..
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Is crime solving only for adults? What happens when teenagers form a team in order to solve the unso..
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Sanely Insane is the first novel written by author Sunaina Awasthi. She wrote this book at a young a..
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Ashish meets Kriti in a college in Delhi and they are instantly drawn towards each other. As he fina..
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Murder in Heaven, set in a small village in the Kerala of 1970's, portraying the lives of six charac..
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At the tender age of 16, Matthew Carter isn't particularly fond of how his magical teenage years are..
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Son of a successful businessman owning a chain of hospitals, Nishanth Shetty is an upcoming oncologi..
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For many Indians, Sex is straightforward. When the word is uttered, it conjures images of the penis,..
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What will you do if the love you nurtured with utmost care walks in to the territory of evilness? Ma..
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"Rizwan, an ordinary young boy, loses his only friend, Ayeda, to a human trafficking racket. Little ..
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Fifteen-year-old Maya and Arjun find their placid world suddenly overturned when their favourite his..
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NMAT by GMACTM OFFICIAL GUIDE 2018 is a must-have book for those who want to attain a high score on ..
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Late eighteenth century Calcutta.The British are well-ensconced in Bengal, but not yet an empire. In..
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Monsoon Musings - Collection of Poems Submitted during Contest. ..
"Life is a collection of moments, some memorable and some mundane. Often it is the tiniest things th..
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"Is there a secret to happiness? How does one tackle negative emotions? Can one alter one’s destiny?..
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"What is Brahman? What is its relationship to Atman? What is an individual’s place in the cosmos? Is..
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The PossibilityIs your possibility, An invitation to live the life of your dreams.What if within you..
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Five friends hatch a plan for a heist that goes wrong, and before they know it, they have both the c..
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We’ve all experienced it: that moment when a sudden, undeniable feeling floods us with certainty. Wi..
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Long regarded as the Forbidden Land, Bhutan-or DrukYul, the Land of the Thunder Dragon-is often desc..
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In the biggest casting coup of Bollywood, five top actors are signed up for a movie. As their intert..
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Set in Lahore, This House of Clay and Water explores the lives of two women. Nida, intelligent and l..
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Uprooted from a bustling city, the thirteen-year-old protagonist of The Small-town Sea is replanted ..
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